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The Power of Words. This was the recurring theme in the TSDP FOOTPRINTS Writers Retreat Programme in 2013. The programme was developed to develop the writing skills of civil society organisations in order that they may accurately document stories, lessons learned and good practices within their organisations. It also proved to be a space for critical self-reflection on an individual and professional level.
The programme was comprised of two separate writing retreats at Whispering Pines Country Lodge in Magaliesburg and the Grail Centre in Kleinmond, Western Cape. Each retreat was three days long. The programme was highly subsidised by The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and TSDP with participants paying only R2, 900 for both retreats, including flights, accommodation and meals.
Click the link below for the online publication of the “stories of change” written by the participants of the retreats.

Footprints Publication 2015

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