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Youth Virtual Givers Circle

We as young persons are blessed in so many ways! These include the gift of life and most importantly the education we received.

We are truly a privileged generation (living in our beautiful country);

we are a receiving generation (freedom, democracy),

and we are a seeing generation (2010 World Cup, First black American President).

We are part of so many things that those before us only dreamt of and those after us will only read in history books. Our next step as a generation is to become a giving generation!! It’s time for us to make our mark in our country through the process and act of collective giving. This means we join our financial and other resources with others and as a collective, choose how we will invest in the development of our communities and country. We need to reinvigorate and bring back to life the old African tradition of Ubuntu. We need to stop living as islands and lend a hand towards others and in so doing, define our own footprint!

Many young people find themselves isolated, wanting to give but really stuck on the avenues they should follow. Many of us also feel that our little amount of money couldn’t possibly do something meaningful, so this is why the Virtual Youth Givers Circle (YGC) was started. This circle gives them the opportunity to give a little but reap a lot. Individuals and projects from different walks of life with the same intent to help others.

Members make a minimum financial contribution of R150 per month over a 10-month period. At the end of the 10 month period, members will be requested to start nominating projects that the funds could go to. Members are encouraged to stay on as member or to start their own virtual circle. Should there be space new members will be invited to join the group.

Group members are based across the country and work in different sectors, this ensures that they get a different lens looking at the same problems and are bound to find the most innovative solution (Lateral thinking).  During the year the group plans to engage on various topics linked to development and development solutions. The group will also pay close attention to the grant making process to ensure that they know enough to be able to make impact focused grants. The TSDP will assist the group in exploring matched funding possibilities The Technical Support and Dialogue Platform will be the supporting institution and will provide all the necessary administrative support. The rationale for launching the YGC was to encourage youth giving which is part of the TSDP philanthropy program in South Africa with the hope that the virtual circles will take a life of their own.

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